All-inlcusive Christ

The entire Bible is an unveiling, a revelation, of the wonderful Person of Jesus Christ*. In each of the Old Testament prophecies, types and figures and in the New Testament fulfillment and reality of these, Christ is central. In His Bible Handbook Merrill Unger writes,

Although the Bible consists of 66 books, it is nevertheless one book. The unifying theme of Scripture is Christ. From “the Seed of the woman” (Gen. 3:15) promised in paradise lost, to the “Alpha and Omega" (Rev. 22:13) realized in paradise regained, He is “the beginning and the end,” “the first and the last” in God’s revealed ways with man.

In God’s eternal plan, Christ is the “unifying theme”; He is everything to God and to us. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of God (Col. 2:9), the perfect Man (1 Pet. 2:22), and the reality, the true substance, of all the positive things in the universe. He alone is the delight of God the Father (Matt. 3:17) as well as the desire of all the nations (Hag. 2:7). As such, Christ is the unique, all-inclusive One, possessing all the rich attributes of God and expressing all the virtues of man. Although this divine-human Christ is all-inclusive, we must ask what He is to us? How can we know Him as He is revealed in the Bible? Further, how can we experience Him as everything to us in our daily lives?

Witness Lee addresses these questions in his book, The All-inclusive Christ, which is a compilation of messages spoken by him in his first conference in the United States in 1962. This book is the primary source of content for this website. May the eyes of our heart be enlightened to freshly see Christ as He is portrayed in both Old Testament typology and New Testament reality. May we also be helped by the rich experience of believers throughout church history. They can be a pattern to us, leading us into a fuller, more enlightened relationship with this wonderful all-inclusive Christ.