New Testament Reality

The Lord Jesus Christ is revealed to us as reality in the New Testament. By “reality” we mean that what was written of Him in the typology and prophecy of the Old Testament has been clearly manifested and fulfilled with His appearing in the New Testament. As the apostle John says in his Gospel, “Grace and reality came through Jesus Christ” (1:17). The entire Old Testament record was a preparation for the first coming of Christ. Commenting on Matthew 1:17 Witness Lee writes,

All the generations were directed to Christ and brought in Christ. Christ is the goal, the consummation, the conclusion, the completion, and the perfection of all the generations; as such, He fulfills their prophecies, solves their problems, and meets their needs. When Christ comes, light, life, salvation, satisfaction, healing, freedom, rest, comfort, peace, and joy all come with Him. From this point on, the whole New Testament is a full expounding of this wonderful Christ, who is everything to us. Hallelujah, Christ has come! (Witness Lee, Footnotes, 13)

As the central figure of the New Testament, Christ has the preeminence, the first place, in all things. In the following sections we shall go on to consider key aspects of Christ’s person in:

The Godhead | The Divine economy | Creation | Incarnation
Human living | Crucifixion | Salvation | Resurrection
Ascension | His Return | The Millennial Kingdom
Eternity in the New Jerusalem | Hymn | Various Aspects