In the Millennial Kingdom

In the millennial kingdom, a thousand-year period of reward or punishment to the believers, Christ will reign in the status of the Son of Man (Matt. 13:41). As such, He will fulfill God’s original intention that man expresses Him and have dominion over God’s enemy (Gen. 1:26). Christ’s triumph as the Son of Man will be a sign of both God’s ultimate victory and Satan’s utter defeat. (Witness Lee, Conclusion, 355)

In the millennial kingdom Christ will also reign over the nations as their King. The earth will finally be restored to its original, uncorrupted state, and Christ will bring in God’s authority and glory. (Witness Lee, Conclusion, 356) Righteousness, peace, joy, and the full blessing of God’s creation will at last appear on earth under the ruling of Christ as the King (Isa. 32:1, 16-18; 35:1-2, 5-7).

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