Various Aspects of the all-inclusive Christ

The following are various aspects of the all-inclusive Christ seen in several books of the New Testament.


  1. The allotted portion of the saints-1:12
  2. The Son of His love-1:13
  3. The image of the invisible God-1:15a
  4. The Firstborn of all creation-1:15b
  5. The Head of the Body-1:18
  6. The beginning-1:18
  7. The Firstborn from the dead-1:18
  8. The hope of glory-1:27
  9. The mystery of God-2:2
  10. The embodiment of the fullness of the Godhead-2:9
  11. The Head of all rule and authority-2:10
  12. The Body of all the Old Testament shadows-2:17
  13. The life of the believers-3:4
  14. The Creator of the new man-3:10
  15. All in all in the new man-3:11
  16. The Lord Christ-3:24
  17. Master in heaven-4:1



1 Corinthians



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