Various Aspects of the all-inclusive Christ

The following are various aspects of the all-inclusive Christ seen in several books of the New Testament.


  1. The Son-1:2
  2. The Heir of all things-1:2
  3. The means of creation-1:2
  4. The effulgence of God’s glory-1:3
  5. The impress of God’s substance-1:3
  6. The One upholding the universe-1:3
  7. Superior to the angels-1:4
  8. The Firstborn-1:6
  9. God-1:8
  10. The Son of man-2:6
  11. The Author of salvation-2:10
  12. The Sanctifier-2:11
  13. Merciful and faithful High Priest-2:17
  14. The Apostle-3:1
  15. Superior to Moses-3:3
  16. Superior to Aaron-4:14-7:28
  17. The One without sin-4:15
  18. Priest according to the order of Melchisedec-5:6
  19. The Forerunner-6:20
  20. A Minister of the holy places-8:2
  21. The Mediator of a better covenant-8:6
  22. The Coming One-10:37
  23. The Author and Perfecter of our faith-12:2
  24. The Helper of the believers-13:6
  25. The perpetual, unchangeable, unchanging One-13:8
  26. The great Shepherd of the sheep-13:20



1 Corinthians



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