Fig Tree

Christ is also typified as the fig tree. In Judges 9:11 the fig tree says, “Shall I leave my sweetness, and my good fruit..?” The emphasis here is on Christ as the sweet and satisfying One. By caring only for His presence, we can be kept in His satisfying sweetness. Luke 10 illustrates this principle well. In this account Mary chose “the good part”— sitting at the Lord’s feet, in His presence, listening to His Word. Her sister Martha, on the other hand, was “anxious and troubled about many things,” drawn away from the Lord’s presence while trying to serve Him (vv. 38-42). We should learn from Mary to simply give ourselves to loving the Lord. Otherwise, even in our efforts to serve the Lord, we can easily become bitter about our situation and critical of others. May the Lord increase our enjoyment of Him as the sweet, satisfying fig tree.(Witness Lee, All-Inclusive Christ, 58-60)

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