Olive Tree

The last of the trees mentioned in Deuteronomy 8, the olive tree typifies Christ as the One filled with oil. Throughout the Bible, oil signifies the Spirit (Luke 4:18). In His human living, the Lord Jesus was conceived by the Spirit (Luke 1:35); He received the anointing Spirit poured upon Him for His ministry at His baptism (Matt. 3:16); and He lived according to the Spirit (Matt. 4:1; 12:28; Luke 10:21). Also, according to Judges 9:9 it is by the fatness of the olive tree that both God and man are honored, indicating that we can truly honor others only by being filled with the Spirit. The more we experience Christ, the anointed One, the more we will be people of the Spirit. As such, we will live a life that honors God as well as those whom we contact. (Witness Lee, All-Inclusive Christ, 61-62)

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